We offer interior design and architecture projects of any complexity

LS White Project
We create the reality that transforms your life
We create the reality that transforms your life


Business interiors

The purpose of business interior is to create the right mood for the guests, who are spending time there with their friends and family. Our Team makes sure that interior will reflect your individual style and esthetics and will create feelings of comfort, fun, coziness and positive vibes. Your guests will be happy to be back to a place that fills them with inspiration and energy.

Residential interiors

Our Home is our Bastille. Home is a place we are always back to relax and take a break after a hard day, the place we spend time with our family, host our guests, get inspired by new ideas, make plans and experience incredible moments of happiness. Out Team will create a place where you will be inspired by new ideas, get energized, feel the harmony and comfort. The interior of the house will reflect your character and life style.

Architecture projects

Architectural project should be created by considering all the aspects of engineering – technical, functional and aesthetic. Our architects will find a solution for a project of any complexity and apply new technologies in design and construction with the “smart home” function, make intelligent use of space and consider the geographical features of the site.


Aiming for “WOW” effect from every project. That is why we are sensitive to wishes and mood of our clients, every detail matters

Aiming for “Waw” effect from every project.
That is why we are sensitive to wishes and mood of our clients, every detail matter

The Process


Project development

Let’s discuss your vision, wishes and wants and the purpose of the project. Afterwards we send you the technical inquiry followed by the proposal with the scope of work. If we have everything approved, we sign the contract and get started with the design project.



Sight visit is needed to take the measurements. When we get all needed information we start the conceptual work which includes space planning, style, basic colors, scheme design and visualization. By approving the design, we start the implementation process.



During the implementation stage we do construction design supervision and technical supervision of the project. We make sure you get the right furniture, equipment and all the decoration.

Our team of international designers are driven by knowledge of functionality, ergonomics, style and space


Our team of international designers are driven by knowledge of functionality, ergonomics, style and space



Construction design supervision

Construction design supervision guarantees the compliance of design project with the final result. Our team monitors every stage of construction or repair work.


Every detail of the interior design creates the mood and brings character to a space.
In order to bring harmony and sense of completeness to the space all the details are taken into account - the necessary furniture, lighting fixtures and specialized equipment are selected. We will save your time and complete the room with needed details, while keeping the uniqueness of the design.

Technical supervision

Technical supervision will guarantee the quality of work according to technical and technological requirements. Our team will monitor the quality of used materials and make sure that project is completed in time and according to budget.


Decorating will give a harmonious look to interior – it is important to choose the right fabric for curtains, find the right place for original lamp or painting, how to arrange the furniture in the room. Every little detail matters.

Aroma Design

Properly selected fragrance will help you create the right atmosphere of the room and set a positive mood, help you relax and revitalize with positive energy. Aroma design helps to reveale each item more widely and makes colors brighter and deeper.

Feng shui

Every space has its own essence and functionality, as well as its character. Benefits of proper arranged furniture, properly chosen accessories and even colors, help to achieve energy balance in space. We are creating a place to fill you with new strengths and inspiration for new achievements.

Post Service

This complex service is offered for a year term to fix whatever household complications may happen after the renovation works – fixing walls or ceiling, etc.



Integrated team of designers

LS White Project united the best international experts to create ambitious and impressive projects. Our purpose is to make your life comfortable and marvelous.


Always on trend

LS White Project brings the innovative trends of world design into every project to create modern and functional space with keeping its unique character.


Always on schedule

LS White Project keeps up with all the deadlines and effectively arranges team work on every project. We save your time and bring you positive perceptions from the process.


We turn every renovation to a creative adventure

We turn every renovation to a creative adventure

We take care of everything

No worries

You don’t need to think about how to arrange an apartment or office. You don’t need to spend time on choosing materials, furniture and other things. We take care of everything and create harmonious design project that meets your expectations

Saving time

You don’t need to spend time on searching information. We will tell you all about technologies, materials and trends, and provide you with full information about everything that interests you


We find the best of furniture, materials and accessories to complete the space. We work directly with suppliers and can find all details of design project in the best quality

Details matter

You will be in love with the project. We want to make it aesthetic and functional that harmonizes with your inner world. Project will emphasize your individuality, style and status, it will give you the sense of comfort and improve your life

Let’s discuss your design project


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